Thomas Wayne Leather

I (Tom) picked up the hobby of working with leather early in the pandemic. I needed a creative outlet that had previously been music and photography -- and something that I could do in my attic!
Moving ahead a few years and I developed far enough due to awesome people who had created easy to make patterns, and I thought I would make sure my patterns were out there to help people, as well! I may actually get around to also doing videos for everything - if I'm ever making enough money to quit my day job, I absolutely will. Big shout out to other pattern makers who allowed me to gain confidence while creating some truly badass items. Tony @,, and - these three in particular were instrumental for me. 

What to expect -- I'll be putting out most likely some cosplay style items first as I've been working on a few and needed to make the patterns anyway - a large belt bag, sword frog, and bracers are what I've got ready. the bag and the bracers are going to have multiple styles in one, too! From there, we'll see!