Jedi-style Belt PATTERN


Instant Digital Download

This is a pattern for a Jedi-style belt.

It's a relatively simple pattern as the belt style is nothing elaborate, but will be an awesome addition to any cosplay.
Currently, the size is roughly 33" waist for men and I will soon be adjusting the pattern to both larger and smaller, and it can be adjusted based on where the snaps are to go smaller. But for now consider that is the size it is built for, as-is.

Hardware recommendation:

8x Chicago Screws or Sam Browne Buttons to hold the belt in place. (I personally like Chicago screws here, but Sam Brownes appear more accurate).
8x desired rivet type for the inner-belt
4x desired snap for back-side connection (I recommend large snaps)
1x buckle for inner-belt.

Cut the pattern pieces, stitch and rivet away, and that's about it! Pay close attention regarding the length of the inner-belt, as your buckle of choice can change the length needed.
I'm looking to have videos up for my projects at some point, but thought I would get started by making the patterns available first.

I hope you enjoy!