Leather Shoulder Rig Holster PATTERN


Instant Digital Download

This is a *pattern* for a shoulder rig because I wanted to make one and couldn't find one!

It's relatively simple to put together, with the biggest challenge being sizing it up and putting the Chicago Screws in place to keep the magazines and pistol level and at a comfy spot. From there, excess leather can be chopped off so there isn't as much overhang. I recommend Chicago Screws and not Sam Browne buttons for extra stability/security.

The loops that hang down are shown in the photos to be looped to a belt in order to keep everything nice and tight.

What you'll want for this project:

- Leather! It would be a little tight of a stitch up with thick leather (I've tried), so I recommend 4-5 oz vegtan.
- 4 d-rings (different sizes can be used, but I recommend ID of at least 1")
- 4 Chicago Screws
- 5 line 24 snaps
- 6 rivets

I've made a few of these and would love feedback. It was definitely the most complex pattern I made, and have several more items I have physical patterns for but haven't transcribed over to digital.

Enjoy and keep on crafting!