New Patterns Coming!

A new Etsy front page and more things are on the way

I've been finding a good balance between day job, the little socializing I do, and everything else to have been making some items to supply a local store with some nice cosplay goods. That's lead me to solidifying a few patterns I'd been toying with and I'll have them up here soon.

What's coming:

  • Belt Bag. There will be a few changeable pieces in it - a straight or curvy gusset, and belt loop uptions. The bag will be perfect for customization!

Belt Bag Side

  • Cincher. Another item that will have options! I'm working on how I want to portray the options to adjust for size. Otherwise the pattern's mostly complete. 

Front and inside view

  • Bracers. ANOTHER one that will have multiple options. I've got pictures of  the pointier ended ones, but I will have a twin for rounded edges that will be included. Just started that this morning.

Open and closed

  • Sword frog. That's right! An adjustable sword frog (for both tightness around the scabbard and also how it sits on the belt to determine pointy end resting angle).

Frog in use

Leather goods?

I'm not on track any time soon to list any goods here. I may list some larger items that are prohibitively expensive that I will word on, and open up smaller items over time as I get a stock. I'm not yet equipped for that with my current leather on hand, but I've got all the tools now! 

I also need to determine if I want to try to sell more locally vs online. So things could come up to completely change my direction!

Reach out!

I may not have anything up for sale, but you can always reach out for a custom item! No guarantee I'll be in a spot for a quick turnaround, but I would absolutely talk through anything there.


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