Exiting Winter

It feels like we're starting to eek toward spring here in Ohio. I've made some huge shop upgrades since I posted last - namely, picking up a laser cutter/engraver! I've made a few things with it, like the etching of the raven below on the dieselpunk.ro plague doctor hat pattern. It just adds a nice touch, even in a minor form like that. 

Dieselpunk.ro plague doctor hat pattern!

Otherwise, I've been working on more crafting than pattern making, but there are a few things I have in mind this year to make. I'm getting the itch to stretch those creative muscles. I'm still very much learning when it comes to pattern making and do each one a little differently as I try new things and see what works best for me. 

I'm happy the small amount I do have available are getting some love, though! I hope people make some cool stuff. =)

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