They're here!

The new batch of patterns is here. My second favorite thing is the sword frog, personally. I made a few different versions over time and this one had the most customizability in regards to how it sits, with the least amount of pieces. The sword just sits effortlessly at my side (because after I made my first one, I just wore a sword around the shop that day to test it out, of course).

Sword Frog

That one comes with the left and right hand files. You could just flip the body part over from either one to create the opposite hand, but I didn't want to make it odd for anyone who might just be starting out.


The bracers are a super simple pattern (in regards to overal complexity of building), but are open for a lot of customization. The three different files are just variations to fit different sides of armor. I may make an add-on piece that goes over the hands, too - but I haven't gotten that far yet.


The cincher is my first foray into something like this. I went through a few varieties and trials to ultimately end here. I would LOVE feedback on this if you make the pattern and need to add any size. I would recommend cutting the pieces long and then shortening them to perfect size on whoever will be wearing it. Just let me know if the adjustment areas suggested work appropriately. I tested a bit, but not exhaustively!

Belt Bag

My personal favorite of the bunch because I really felt I leveled up in making this thing. This also comes with a few mix and match options - two different gussets (straight or a wider bottom), and three different options for strapping onto a belt OR strapping around your shoulder. So it has a lot of utility and a ton of creative space available. The way it hangs on the belt is super easy for reaching and the quick-access style flap has a simple elegance to it.

Tying them together

All of these patterns are made with variety in mind. The bag has SO MUCH free space for extra pockets/separater pieces, designs on the front, or anything you can imagine for that wide open space. Similar for the bracers - line the underside with fur, add a hidden space underneath for daggers, design all over the main outer pieces! The sword frog could also benefit from double-siding or using fur, as well. I also have one photo of it on me with a simple fur wrap around the top of the scabbard. It just looks rad. 

The corset shop photos show a the two varieties (yes, the black two-strap one has it on backwards). On those I had double-sided both and made some fancy ones, but this works just fine for single sided leather, provided there is some stiffness. I tried it with more flexible leather and it gets a bit wobbly and awkward to handle (still looks nice once on, though). 

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