What's next?!

With the new patterns, I've got a wider foundation to start with, so I've been working through what's going to be next.

The holster pattern is really loved, so I want to work on some more there. I'm thinking redesigning the actual holster to point down (already made one, pictured. I have no idea why it's showing sideways for me right now, but you get the idea). My idea is to make it a modular design where you can just buckle in any pieces you want. Could be two utility items, two holsters, different holsters for different side arms. The limits are unlimited!

For my test, you can see I'll need to shorten up the back strap and lengthen the front one so they meet around the middle of their current location. It won't be too different than the first holster, and just use some of the same straps in different ways. Pointing the barrel down's just a more responsible way to be walking around if you've got one of these, anyway. 

I've also got another belt bag idea on the way. I've made an initial prototype, which provded the concept (it's a weird shape), but I want to make it bigger than I initially designed it, so it's a little further behind in the planning and the holster update/upgrade will likely get my focus for the pattern making. I'm as early as a few weeks and as long as a few months away from the introduction of the modular holster. I think I'll make the initial set (holster, mag pouch, straps) the same price as the current one and design different items that can be latched on at a buck or two a piece and I can keep making things at request or as I get inspired. 

I'm stoked to keep it coming!!

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